Puhaipadam Films specializes in acquiring Aerial Films and High-Resolution Images from its remote controlled helicam. A variety of multi-rotors are used, both quad-rotor and hexa-rotors, and all have different and specific attributes to suit a very wide range of aerial filming requirements. All feature 3-axis stabilized camera mounts and produce stunning, stable aerial footage. All helicam are equipped with a 5.8GHz live video down-link for real-time monitoring on the ground of the airborne camera’s view.

Our helicams are extremely quick to deploy, quiet and unobtrusive in operation and provides an exceptionally stable aerial camera platform. The reduced size, weight, noise and general lack of ‘scare factor’ make it more acceptable near crowds, animals and even indoors.

We serve the widest range of clients and budgets, in providing high resolution aerial photography and 4K/HD video for such diverse sectors as

Helicam services includes pre-planning, all the necessary equipment, remote control gyro stabilized camera head,  4K camera with Olympus lenses, wireless video assist and crew of two people with years of remote flying experience. All the equipment fits in flight cases and is ready to shoot in 15 minutes of arrival.

We are based in Chennai but work worldwide. Please email us for price info and latest showreel.