Puhaipadam was founded by Sureshbabu A, Photographer and founder of VIEW360, It is a popular virtual tour (360 degree interactive) imaging service provider in South-India. Since 2007, Most of the virtual tour images were captured by him for Tamilnadu & Rajasthan Tourism Departments, ASI Chennai Circle, Mysore Palace Board, Infosys, Hotels & Resorts, Real-Estate, Institutes, Industries and more.,

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In Feb 2014, He started to provide Low-Altitude Aerial Cinematography & Photography services in Chennai, INDIA. DJI Phatom2 with GoPro Hero3+ camera mounted on H3-3D gimbal for his clients in Movies, AD-Films, Real-Estate, Tourism, Hotel & Resorts, Industries and more.,

Now in Jan 2015 Puhaipadam adding one more drone to carry Panasonic GH4 camera with Olympus 24mm f2.0(35mm Equivalent)lens for 4K recording to fit your budget and needs…
Sureshbabu has an innate sense and discerning eye for great composition and consistently demonstrates his ability to get the amazing shots. He works well with directors in choreographing cinematic flights appropriate for the intended visual sensation of each job.

The Puhaipadam HeliCam/UAV System allows for:

– close-proximity shooting on land and water. This allows for dramatic choreography in car and boat chases and the ability to fly under bridges, through large doorways and almost anywhere the director envisions.

– shooting in high and low temperatures.

– high altitude operation.

Professionally operated Helicams can hover and manoeuvre intricately through spaces where neither cranes nor full-size helicopters can go. Puhaipadam Helicam captures continuous stream footage, leaving viewers wondering, “how did they get that shot?” Getting these shots is otherwise impossible without numerous cuts and lengthy post-production. This is also an efficient shooting style for many productions, providing great footage ready for CG application.

Puhaipadam Helicam/UAV Camera System includes:

– helicopter(s), ground station equipment and cameras
– crew of aerial cinematographer, UAV pilot and a UAV operations assistant
– consultation services to plan flight choreography and logistics of operation
– mobile operations unit (depending on location and schedule of project)